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TV announcer for the L.A. Angels, golf-hack, Chiefs/Jayhawks fan & junk food connoisseur. Feel free to contact me at Livin' the dream...

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It’s been awhile since I last posted and that’s mostly because I was on vacation with the family. Even though I’ve been off for some time, my kids haven’t been and with the season right around the corner, I usually like to take them away for a week or so before I ‘disappear’ for 6 months. It really is a mixed bag…the start of the season is exciting but also a bit of a bummer for the family because of my time away. But what I usually tell them is, ‘the sooner we get this season started, the quicker it’ll end,’ and that usually satisfies them until we run through the same cycle 12 months from now.

It’s a blessing to do what I do. I love baseball and to get the opportunity to be perched above an amazingly manicured field watching the best of the best AND get paid for it, really is an honor.  As long as I’ve been around this game, and regardless what happened the previous season with your team, Opening Day never gets old. Everyone’s excited about their team and the promise of what this crazy marathon could bring them, their team and their city.  There’s nothing like it in sports.

Angels will open out on the road in Oakland tonight. Many of the prognosticators have the Angels nowhere near the top in the American League West and I can understand their skepticism. It’s difficult to take a team that went 74-88 in 2016 and think they’re going to take a huge leap forward and claim the division title…especially in a division as deep as the AL West. This just in, I’m not necessarily buying what the ‘experts’ are selling. I rarely do. It’s filler and it’s done every year. Just like ‘winning’ the off-season, Opening Day predictions about the season don’t mean anything. Case in point, where were the geniuses last March with their predictions about the Angels losing 3/5th’s of their rotation by May 1st? My point being there are way too many variables that go into a long season and some you just can’t predict.

Now I’m not sitting here typing this and trying to get you to buy in. Not in the least. What I am saying is you should, at the very least, give this team an opportunity before passing judgement. Every year, I begin the season full of optimism as most fans do. This year is not any different and I would even add ‘confident’ when talking about my feelings for this team. There’s a completely different vibe on this club that I haven’t seen in the last couple of years and that’s only based on being around them for the Freeway Series. I can’t put my finger on it but you can definitely tell there’s something going on. It’s possible all of the new, experienced faces added by Billy Eppler are making a difference. Our data driven business doesn’t like to hear about chemistry but I believe, and always will, it impacts a clubhouse over the course of a long season.

So we hit the ground running and kick it off at The Coliseum tonight. My hope is this team is given a chance to be together for the bulk of the regular season. You can’t predict injuries, just look no further than last year but I really do think this team will find a way to win games on a nightly basis. I got out of the prediction business a long time ago because it’s a waste of time and it’s a pure guess. From where I sit, there’s nothing better than calling meaningful games in August and September while making a push towards October. I’ve got a feeling this team has the ability to be there when it’s all said and done.

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